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Washing machine standpipe



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Washing machine standpipe : make the right choice

Washing machines need to be installed and equipped properly and according to the manufacturer’s technical specification sheet to be perfectly functional. Water discharge requires certain key devices that cannot be overlooked in order to guarantee the good maintenance of the machine. They are essential for the discharge of wastewater from the machine into the underground sewage system.

The discharge of wastewater from the washing machine happens through a drainage pipe or a PVC or PET flexible hoes of medium size and unusual shape used for the outflow of wash water during the use of the washing machine. This outlet pipe can be supple, flexible or unbending depending on the different models. At the same time there are many different shapes with their respective special features. The device can be of different sizes in order to adapt to the many models of washing machine. The discharge siphon usually consists of a stretched out vertical part of about 20 cm in length, and of a curved part equipped with an unclogging orifice. In order to achieve a better functionality it’s essential to use equipment that is easy to look after and that guarantees real impermeability. That removes the risk of leaks and as well as a potential obstruction of the water flow.
To equip your washing machine properly and to obtain an impeccable functionality, a complete range of washing machine standpipes and washing machine taps is available.