How to choose your strawberry plants?

How to choose your strawberry plants?

Crystal, Owner of a small gardening business, Oxford

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Crystal, Owner of a small gardening business, Oxford

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To help you identify the best strawberry plants for your garden, we've put together some helpful info on plant characteristics, fruit flavour and growing conditions. Climbing or recumbent, Mara des Bois, Charlotte: strawberries, get your ripe strawberries!

Important features

  • Climbing
  • Non-climbing
  • Fruit flavour
  • Hardiness
  • Flowering
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There are in fact over 600 varieties of strawberry plant - and it's not always easy to know the best type for your garden.

In the first place, it's a good idea to make a distinction between climbing and non-climbing varieties:

  • non-climbing varieties produce a large volume of fruit once a year
  • climbing varieties produce fruit twice a year in a more staggered pattern

These plants only flower once a year. Depending on the variety, fruiting can take place from mid-May (very early varieties) to mid-August (latest varieties).Generally, the fruit is large and abundant in quantity - excellent for use in cakes and jams.


This is a particularly disease-resistant variety. Strawberries will appear from May onwards, and are elongated in shape, with a delicate aroma and a firm yet juicy texture.


These are a classic and complete favourite with strawberry growers.  Similar to ciflorette, fruit appears from May onwards and is a brilliant, lustrous bright red in colour. Elongated shape with a slightly sharper taste.


This is also a disease-resistant variety. Produces large fruit with a delicate, sugar-sweet flavour. Early harvest from the end of May.

These varieties produce fruit twice a year, first around July and then sometime between August and the first frost of winter.The fruit is generally medium-sized and appears more gradually compared to the non-climbing varieties. Very common in kitchen gardens, climbing strawberries are very popular.

Mara des Bois

This variety produces a large amount of fruit from June onwards. Easy to cultivate with good resistance to disease. It can be grown in pots on a patio or balcony. Fruit is fairly small in size, but can be very highly flavoured.


Charlotte plants produce fruit from June to October. They have impressive disease resistance and are easy to maintain. The strawberries are quite large and bright red in colour, with firm, sweet flesh.


Again, this variety is very resistant to disease. Maestro produce some of the largest fruit, reaching up to 50g each. Harvest is plentiful and lasts from June to October.

Reine des Vallées ('Queen of the Valleys')

This is another very disease-resistant variety, perfect for growing in pots and planters on a patio or balcony. Produces a large quantity of small fruit from June to October.

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Guide written by:

Crystal, Owner of a small gardening business, Oxford, 51 guides

Crystal, Owner of a small gardening business, Oxford

From a background in waste transportation, I became a farmer specializing in organic market gardening. A graduate of a professional baccalaureate in Agronomy and Horticultural Production, I tried for several years as a young farmer to settle in the beautiful region of Oxford.   After many disappointments, I finally started a small-business in home services, specifically in gardening, assisted by my loving, dear husband. Passionate about nature and wild edible plants, I am very attentive to ecological solutions and respectful of our environment in all aspects of my daily life.   From the vegetable garden to the flower beds, from seed to harvest, I have all kinds of advice up my sleeve. Do not hesitate to ask me your questions.