Pressure washer accessories buying guide

Pressure washer accessories buying guide

Sebastian, self-taught DIY-er, Exeter

Guide written by:

Sebastian, self-taught DIY-er, Exeter

Pressure washers can be equipped with a range of accessories depending on the pressure and flow rate of your model. Whether you're after a rotating brush to scrub decking or a telescopic lance to clean a roof, there are plenty of options. From gutter cleaners to sandblasting kits, read on for our top tips!

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How to choose your pressure washer accessories

how to clean your patio with a pressure washer

Pressure washers all vary in performance and this largely depends on their flow rate (measured in litres per minute) and pressure rating (in bars). But no matter what type of accessory you are using, you will have to follow the recommended guidelines in terms of pressure and flow rate. First of all, this will help to make sure your equipment is working as efficiently as possible; secondly, it will ensure you do not cause any damage.

Pressure washer accessories from one brand won't usually be compatible with a pressure washer from another brand. Similarly, sometimes parts from the same brand will not be compatible with those from a different range. As such, checking your parts are compatible with the brand and type of pressure washer you have is just as necessary as checking the connection of the part (screw-in, quick release, etc.).

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Pressure washers

Pressure washers: the most common accessories

Telescopic lances

Telescopic lances can measure up to 10 metres in length and are designed to clean things like roofs or exterior walls while your feet stay firmly planted on the ground. Equipped with a pistol-grip handle and a nozzle, telescopic lances can be equipped with quick release fittings for easy connecting. These lances sometimes come with an insulated grip to ensure user safety.

Gutter cleaners

These attachments are designed to clean gutters and pipework. Mounted on the end of a hose, these devices move efficiently across a gutter more or less by themselves, unblocking pipes and eliminating dirt as they go.

Extension lances

These accessories can be used to add about 40 cm to your lance in order to clean difficult-to-reach spots. They are installed between the lance and the pistol-grip handle.


Nozzles are fitted onto the end of a lance to spray out water jets. According to the design of the nozzle, the water can come out as a spray or a narrow stream. Rotary turbo nozzles are designed to send out the water as a spinning jet. Narrow and spinning jets are best suited to removing dried on dirt while spray nozzles are best for rinsing.

Spray gun lances

Spray gun lances consist of a lance with a spray nozzle fitted at the end. These attachments can be used to produce narrow or spray jets and measure about one metre in length.

Replacement handles

Unlike spray guns (which consist of just one part), lances must be fitted separately to the handle of the pressure washer. The handle itself may be equipped with an LED screen to display different pressure settings. It may feature a bayonet fitting for attachments and a quick release system for connecting the power cable.

Rotary brushes

Rotary brushes are usually equipped with nylon bristles and can be used to clean both flat and curved surfaces. These attachments are fitted directly to the handle instead of via a lance. The addition of a spray jet will improve the performance of the brush.

Foam cannons

Foam cannons are used to spray a jet of foam to clean away caked-on dirt. These accessories consist of a tank with a volume of around 500 ml which is designed to be fitted onto a lance. Cleaning detergent is placed in the tank and released by the pressure washer.

Extension hoses

Available in a variety of lengths, these hoses allow the user to move around without having to drag around the pressure washer. They can be connected by quick release or screw fittings. However, bear in mind that the flow rate and pressure of the tool will decrease depending on the angle and length of the hose.

Wet sandblasting kits

These kits are used to deep clean the dirtiest and toughest surfaces. Wet sandblasting combines the power of pressurised water with sand or other materials.

Rotary telescopic cleaning brushes

Mounted on a pole measuring around 1.5 metres, these round or triangular brushes are equipped with a spray system which allows you to clean flat surfaces such as tiled patios. Once connected to the lance, detergent is sprayed out via the brush.

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Pressure washer

Additional parts for pressure washers

Water filters

Water filters are used to pre-filter the water to stop dirt from getting into the pump and blocking the valves. The water inlets and outlets can be made of brass or plastic, and come in a range of sizes (1/2" or 3/4").


Adaptors are usually offered by manufacturers so that you can use attachments from the same brand but from different ranges. However, it may be possible to find adaptors to connect attachments from different brands.


Detergents designed for pressure washers are powerful cleaning products. They may be foaming or non-foaming, but most are designed to dry without leaving any marks behind. They may be specially designed for a particular surface (e.g. floors, cars, etc.) and can be used with both petrol/diesel pressure washers and electric models. Most detergents contain additives to protect surfaces against moisture and to prevent floors from swelling. They may be fragranced with scents such as lemon.

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Guide written by:

Sebastian, self-taught DIY-er, Exeter

Sebastian, self-taught DIY-er, Exeter

Redo a roof with wooden beams? Check. Advise everybody in the DIY shop? Check. Redo bathroom plumbing? Check. If it doesn't work, try again! I'll do my best to advise you in your projects.

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