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Shower enclosure buying guide

Buying guide

Integral shower cabins : make the right choice

A cubicle is a practical solution for a functional; elegant and comfortable shower. In fact it is easier to install a shower cubicle than it is to build one from scratch. Here you can find some advice on how to choose your shower cubicle.

Shower cubicles generally consist of a shower tray (or shower basin), shower screens, a shower door and all the necessary plumbing and fittings (depending on the chosen model).

Most shower cabins are delivered as part of a complete kit, which makes the assembly a whole lot easier. However, you will still need some basic knowledge to set up the plumbing and fittings in order to avoid future leaks.

The shape of the shower door obviously depends on the place here you are going to install the shower and generally speaking on the arrangement of the bathroom or wet room. Therefore you will be able to choose among a rectangular shower unit, a round one, squared, quadrant or even a corner enclosure.

Another essential feature: the type of shower door. There are sliding shower doors, revolving or swinging. To choose, start by measuring the space you have available to exit the shower: if the space is too small, a door that opens outward is not going to be very practical.

A sliding door represents an ideal solution for a shower installed in a small space as the panels overlap when you open it.
A revolving door opens just as an ordinary door. You will need a larger space in your bathroom in order to be able to access your shower without complications. It is the perfect solution for large designer shower cubicles or walk-in shower cubicles.
A swinging door is made of two panels which open to allow access, and it requires less space than a revolving door.

Regardless of the chosen model, maintenance is fundamental as the rails and the joints need to remain smooth and clean for the door to open without any problem and for the cubicle to stay watertight.

Tip: some shower cubicles come with a reversible shower door. This way you can choose how to personalise the door by installing the handle on the left-hand side or the right-hand side.

The must: the hydromassaging shower cabin. These ultra-comfort shower cubicles are equipped with nozzles that massage you with a stream of water. For the jet to be powerful enough you need to make sure that the water pressure in your house is adequate. In fact, to install a booster, a minimum pressure of 3 bars is required. Installation requires finer plumbing skills, thus we recommend hiring a specialist to set up this type of shower.