Exterior wood paint, stain and dye

Exterior wood paint, stain and dye : make the right choice

Paint for wood can come in different finishes such as matt or satin, but gloss is one of the most popular for its strength.

Whether you are looking for red, white, brown or black, we are sure to have the colour you are looking for.

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You can add a finish to your wood using paint, varnish, dye or stain. Each has a different property, and you should check these out before buying.

Wood paint leaves an opaque finish, as well as being wipeable. Matt paint does not leave a shine, where as shiney gloss paint is strong and wipeable.

Varnish leaves a protective film over the wood, but does not allow the wood to "breath" as does wood stain. Wood stain is partially absorbed by the wood, and some leave a protective oily film over the top. It also has the added effect of leaving the grain of the wood show through.

Wood dye does not protect the wood, but allows you to change the colour of the wood, also with the wood grain effect. However, be careful as it does not protect the wood or help it to endure over time.