Grundfos Sololift2 C-3 Macerator

Grundfos Sololift2 C-3 Macerator

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The Grundfos SOLOLIFT2 C-3 Macerator (Part Number 97775332 )is a must have if you're looking to install a bathroom or en-suite to your home. A macerator is a perfect solution for those looking to add:
  • Basement installations
  • Bathrooms for the elderly or the disabled
  • Extra Bathrooms
  • Bathrooms in hotels and guest houses
The purpose of a macerator is to transfer bathroom waste to the current sewage system waste pipes. You may wish to install a macerator because the distance or the height between the source and the pipe to the sewage system is too high or just simply can't be reached. The process of macerating is in simple terms, it grinds up the waste into smaller pieces and then turns it into a slurry, and this allows it easy access to the sewage system. The C-3 is specially designed for high temp liquid wastewater from washing machines or dishwasher. The slim and compact design is perfect for easy mounting to the wall. makes it simple to mount to hte

The SOLOLIFT is ready to install and as long as it's installed properly, you won't be receiving any nasty smells anytime soon. The units come complete with a ready to use plug and function fully when the water meets the tank.

Features and Benefits:
  • Powerful motor
  • Special de-blocking feature
  • Professional heavy duty macerator
  • Optional left side outlet retrofit kit
  • Versatile 360 degrees vertical or horizontal discharge
  • Emergency draining system
  • Easy access pressure switch
  • Optional easy fit audible fault alarm
  • Flexible internal coupling- this means it reduces noise and vibration/ simplifies services
  • Easy to access and simple to fix, in the rare case that it brakes

Self -Clean Design

  • With SOLOLIFT2 macerators there is no need for regular cleaning or heavy chemical cleaners thanks to the clever design of its grinder and tank.
  • The grinder cleans itself after each operation using the water-air mix present, which is both natural and environmentally friendly.
  • The design also ensures that no debris sticks to the tank walls, removing the need for extra filters and eliminating the risk of odour problems
SOLOLIFT2 Self-Clean Design

Clever Tank Design

  • A special tank floor design ensures solids are guided swiftly and easily towards the pump.
  • This removes the problem of sedimentation build up in the tank corners and the resulting odour problems that this can cause.
SOLOLIFT2 Clever Tank Design

Segregated Easy Access Pump, Motor & Electronics

  • SOLOLIFT2 are the most service friendly domestic macerator available on the market.
  • The ingenious design separates the motor, pump and electronics from the processing chamber, so repairs and servicing are really straightforward.
SOLOLIFT2 Easy Access Pump

Designed To Deal With High Temperature Waste Water

  • Whilst some lifting stations have working water temperatures as low as 35 C the Sololift2 C3 is designed to deal with the typical hot water generated in a kitchen by Washing machines, dishwashers and even water from hot pans.
  • It has the highest Working water temperature of any lifting station at 75 C and can even handle water up to 90 C continuously for up to 30 Minutes.
Sololift2 C3 High Temp Water

Engineered To Withstand Corrosive Water Output From Water Softeners

  • Most lifting stations are simply incapable of dealing with the highly corrosive brine wastewater expelled from a water softener.
  • The Sololift2 C3 is engineered with a higher grade of stainless steel components to make it capable of connecting to a water softener.
Sololift2 C3 Corrosive Water
Saniflo Sanivite Plus 6004 Alternative
How it Compares To The Competition:
Grundfos Sololift2 C-3 Macerator Video

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The Grundfos SOLOLIFT2 Macerator just won't clog! - YouTube

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