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Orac Decor C220F Flexible Premium Coving Moulding

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Product details
  • Height
    7.6 cm
  • Length
    2 m
  • Type
  • Material
    Polymer, Polyurethane
  • Width
    7.5 cm
  • Style
  • productRef
  • manufacturerSKU

C.220 is a small discreet coving which gently curves into an almost "J" shaped profile. The cornice covers 11.5 cm across the celing and is 7.5cm high.

The C.220 cornice profile can be used creatively to add a far more interesting appearance to the wallscape of your room. The profile is shown above as a coving profile which can extend nearly 5 inches across a ceiling and 3 inches down a wall. Some of our favourite installations have actually spun the section through 90 degrees to create a 5 inch high elevated feel especially effective in larger rooms restaurants and hotels where a central secondary level ceiling is created to add character. Whichever way you choose to use the C220 coving the installation should be clean with our easy to apply cartridge based adhesives. The lightweight polyurethane material has been widely accepted throughout Europe by both the trade and DIY enthusiast alike. . Our carriers usually arrive at our depot mid-afternoon so orders after lunch time may arrive 2 days after receipt. Ideal for lounge coving and dining room coving.

C220 coving or cornice is a best seller in the Orac Luxxus coving range. The coving profile is 7.5 x 11.5cm and has a diagonal of 13.7cm. The C220 coving has a concave long sweep with a step top and double step bottom to finish. It is designed as a modern contemporary coving and can be mounted either vertically or horizontally. The C220 contemporary coving is ideal for normal to larger rooms with standard ceilings. Examples for installation can be; entrance way coving hall coving living room coving dining room coving kitchen coving or as coving for flats or as apartment coving. As an alternative coving design consider the C331 coving. C220 coving is also available as a matching flexible coving the C220F flexible coving. A bay or curved wall needs curved coving sometimes known as radius coving and our Orac flexible coving is a unique solution. Coving for curved bays and curved walls previously could only be fitted by specialist coving installers. Where the coving needs to be curved our simpler flexible coving option can be used. Orac flexible coving can match the majority of curved coving requirements. Specifications for the maximum amount of bend for individual curved coving designs use our link; flexible moulding FAQ. If a greater degree of curve is required smaller flexible coving will normally give a greater degree of flexibility than a larger flexible coving. This is due to the material bulk. The C220F flexible coving is produced using the same moulds as the rigid C220 coving. Therefore C220 rigid coving and C220F flexible curved coving can be used together to achieve both straight coving and curved coving as the room shape dictates. Suggested mouldings to use with the C220 coving and C220F curved coving are the P4020 rigid dado rail and P4020F flexible dado rail and the and the SX118 skirting and SX118F flexible skirting and R61 ceiling rose. Alternative options are of course equally suitable.

  • Length: 200cm
  • Height: 7.6cm
  • Width: 11.6cm

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