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Under-tile wetroom shower tray



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Under-tile wetroom shower tray : make the right choice

Under-tile shower trays allow you to customise your bathroom. They are usually designed with polystyrene or polypropylene foam, but they can be in stone or resin too. These materials are known for their impermeability, lightness and sturdiness, essential qualities to fulfil their job: collect the wastewater from the shower and drain it.

The under-tile shower tray is an essential element of your shower. Made of light materials (polystyrene, acrylic polypropylene), on ManoMano you will find many different designs and colours. To improve the performance of their models, many manufacturers coat the top of their trays with a waterproof primer. Furthermore, the density of the foam inside the under-tile shower tray is strengthened to resist crushing, thermal shocks and impacts, which is a great advantage since they are more and more in demand. Squared or rectangular, you will be able to adapt the size of your shower tray to that of your shower by simply cutting it. Squared trays are often used in walk-in showers and showers with an hydro massage system, while the rectangular ones are appreciated by people with reduced mobility.